Know Kepware

Kepware might not be a name you hear every day unless, of course, you are pretty deep into the world of software engineering. The company is a US software business, befitting of the reference ‘giant,’ which creates software meant to improve the industrial landscape.

Kepware Products
The company seeks to solve the problems of large industries by providing software which can be used to automate more processes to increase efficiency. These include:

Data tunnelling
This process involves the collection, relay, and analysis of data from different parts of an industrial system to the decision makers, to aid the execution of controls and commands.

Software meant to guard industrial systems and raise the alarm if and when they are tampered with.

Industrial connectivity
Allows connection of different plants of a single manufacturer, or separate manufacturers, who have a complementary relationship.
Internet of Things (IoT)
This is used to create connectivity of company resources such as vehicles and computers so that their activity can be monitored from one place.

Company Profile
Kepware has been around for over two decades, continually improving and expanding. It is located in Portland, Maine, USA. It is owned by PTC. The company specialises in providing industrial automation solutions. As a result, it partners heavily with other companies to distribute its products, so that it does not deal directly with clients.
Kepware is a leading community partner in growing the industry in which it operates. Every summer, it takes up students from the fields of Computer Science and Engineering on paid internships, with a bid to improve their skills with on-the-job training (40 hours a week). Applications for internship are made through email only,
It also offers lucrative scholarships to bright students with a 3.0+ GPA to the tune of up to $7000. Scholarships require more details to be provided on the site, by filling out a form on the scholarships page.

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